Stabilus Safety shoe series

High-quality safety footwear: Indispensable for industry and trade

Check out our website where you will find a particularly large range of safety shoes for various requirements. Whether you need a low shoe, sandals or boots, you are looking for shoes with a breathable membrane or if you prefer professional jogging shoes: Our product portfolio provides you with a wide range of shoes of the highest workmanship an in a variety of sizes for women and men.

How do safety shoes differ from other footwear?

The specific requirements for these shoes depend on the particular needs of the individual work area. According to the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association and its rules for Health and Safety at work, safety shoes must comply with standardized categories. For example, these rules require – among other things – the following attributes, and depending on the working area, the shoes must demonstrate to have the following properties:

  • resistant to cuts
  • anti-static
  • fuel and oil resistant
  • heat-insulating
  • slip-resistant
  • puncture-resistant
  • resistant to water absorption and penetration

While this list is not exhaustive, it merely shows you some important characteristics that significantly differentiate safety shoes from “normal” shoes. Very precise and careful processing is necessary when making the shoe, so that you, as our customer from trade and industry, are always fully protected whilst performing will your respective activities.

The general categorization ranges from “SB” in the form of basic requirements to S5. For example, safety shoes of categories S2 and S3 are most frequently required in industry.

Our product range for all relevant industry sectors.

We present you – among other things – ESD low shoes and ESD sandals. According to EN 61340-5-1, the above-mentioned footwear are safety shoes in which the electrical continuity resistance is within a certain recommended range. Wearing such footwear is always advisable when electrical charges are to be reduced by expelling the charges.

Moreover, you will also find safety shoes with a toe caps, made of aluminum, plastic or steel. This type of footwear protects your toes from injuries, for example, when working with an angle grinder or protect you from falling objects.

You need puncture-resistant boots? We got them too. Theses boots are used by people who work in the construction industry. Among other things, these boots protect the soles of your feet from penetrating nails and other pointed objects.

Inside the safety toe caps, we offer you the options of the caps made of aluminium, plastic or steel. Regardless of the material, according to European standard EN 20345: 2011 these toe caps for safety shoes must withstand a shock energy of 200 Joules and a static pressure of 1.5 tonnes. The design and shape of these caps have a significant effect on both the roll-off behaviour of the foot and the free movement of the toes.

With regard to the different running soles, the diversity of our offer scores very high.

You may choose from the following materials:

  • Rubber/PU
  • PU/PU
  • TPU/PU
  • EVA / Rubber

The abbreviation “PU” stand for “polyurethane”. Such a sole has been foamed and consists of an air-permeated core and a hard-wearing, robust sheathing. “TPU” is a thermoplastic, which is particularly skin-friendly, weather-resistant and wear-resistant, and is known for its high kink and tear strength.

Shoes for trade and industry. At “STABILUS” you will always find what you are looking for!

Whether you need “extra wide”, “normal” or “narrow”: Needless to say, we also offer the exact fit you need. Take your time and look at our special shop for safety shoes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail. Your total satisfaction is what we are striving for.