Everyone wants to be fit for their job – the Stabilus FITLINE CLASSICS literally makes light work of it. The sporty safety shoe is ideally suited to dry environments and also has excellent ergonomic properties.

Whether you need a little or big size, the Vibratec cushioning element of the FITLINE CLASSICS distributes the localised tread pressure over the whole surface of the heel. When placed under pressure the shoe adapts to the shape of the heel, over the whole weight range. High levels of impact are reduced to a minimum by the FITLINE CLASSICS heel cushioning system.

The intelligent cushioning makes moving around and standing easy and effortless all the time – the spine, spinal discs and joints stay in top condition. The large tread area in the heel and ball of the foot, with a profile depth of 3.8mm, helps to protect the wearer from slipping.

Stabilus FITLINE CLASSICS is the sporty, lightweight answer to hard surfaces indoors – and the permeable functional lining provides a breathable climate for your foot.