SUPERFLEX replaces ACTIVELINE completely

Upgrade accomplished! After months of preparation, designing, planningm testing, adhustment of the production chain, intense discussions, and lots of coffee, we have finalized the revised version of all ACTIVELINE-models. ACTIVELINE has now also been renamed to SUPERFLEX. This includes the ACTIVELINE metal free articles as well.

Is ACTIVELINE a relic oft he past now? Not quite! SUPERFLEX is an upgrade of the succesfull and approved ACTIVELINE products. Based on the classics, product improvements have been impelemented, and the item numbers remained as well.

Super bendable. Super flexible – SUPERFLEX

An essential feature, and therefor patron of the naming, is the very pliable sole, which allows almost any motion due to its high flexibility. This pay offs for normal walking, but especially when you have to kneel or work in a lowerde position. The puncture-resistant (!) sole allows the metatarsophalangeal joints to bend comfotably. This is a definite plus!

Convenience as important as safety

Alltogether, STABILUS Safety new of the particular importance of combining convenience and safety. The previous S1-versions – namely 5111 A, 5116 A, and5124 A- were upgrade to S1P-shafety shoes. At the same time STABILUS Safety was able to reduce the weight by 15 %. Our engineers were digging deep in their box of tricks to accomplish this.

The Vibratec heel damping element has proven its worth fort he ACTIVELINE-models, and it is now built in the SUPERFLEX-articels too.It protects the joints from high impacts.

slip resistance

An improved slip resistance contributes to the higher performance of the SUPERFLEX.models. This is important, since slipping causes many accidents at work

New design, new size structre

The design of the SUPERFLEX-line was modified. Articles 5320 AL, 5330 AL, 5410 AL, 5420 AL und 5430 AL provide an abrasion-resistant scuff cap now.It strengthens and increases durability of the shaft. The size structure of SUPERFLEX-safety shoes include size 37 to 48.This enables retailers and companies tp present STABILUS Safety-SUPERFLEX to more customers.

SUPERFLEX is pliable. is slip resistant. is super flexible.