Safety shoes and their norm

Stabilus Safety shoes comply with DIN EN ISO 20345. The CE mark means that these shoes comply in principle with the requirements of the EG Directive on personal protective equipment as regards innocuousness, skid resistance, durability and comfort. Our products have passed the type-testing carried out by an approved testing institution. The basic and supplementary requirements determine the degree of protection and can be found on the label attached to the shoes.

Explanation of symbols:

P puncture-resistant
A antistatic shoes
HI heat insulation of the sole complex
CI insulation from cold of the sole complex
E energy-absorbing capability in the heel area
FO oil- and fuel resistant sole
WR shoe resistance against water penetration and water absorption
WRU   upper resistant against water penetration and water absorption
CR cut resistant
HRO behaviour with regard to direct heat transfer
SRA slip resistance on floors with ceramic tiles with NaSL
SRB slip resistance on steel floors with Glycerol
SRC SRA + SRB together


SB complies with all basic requirements of EN ISO 20345.
Open heel area, protective toecap to withstand 200 Joules.
S1 as SB, in addition with closed heel area,  energy-absorbing capability, Antistatic
S1P   as S1, in addition with puncture-resistant midsole
S2 as S1, in addition with water-proofing effect,  capable of absorbing steam.
S3 as S2, in addition with puncture-resistant midsole.


  • manufacturer’s trade mark (for address see contact)
  • standard complied with
  • categories (basic and supplementary requirements)
  • size of the shoes
  • year of manufacture and quarter or month
  • type identifier
  • prototype testing institution:
    – TÜV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH – Kenn-Nr.: 0197
    – PFI Pirmasens – Kenn-Nr.: 0193