DGUV-rule 112-191 (BGR 191)

Be safe with the Stabilus certificate

Do you know the DGUV-rule 112-191 off by heart? Probably not, as the original to many pages! You should know: If you violate it – even unknowingly – it can cost you your accident insurance protection. Stabilus ensures that this does not happen.

DGUV-rule 112-191 regulates the use of foot and knee protection in the workplace. In 2007 the regulation of then BGR 191 was updated, and employers and employees now have to pay particular attention to their choice of work safety shoes, especially any changes to orthopaedic shoes.

For every orthopaedic shoe finish or use of an insole, an independent test institute must confirm that the work shoe complies with the requirements of the EN ISO 20345 standard.
On an individual bases neither the employer or employee can afford these cost-intensive measures. Stabilus Safety GmbH has relieved its customers of this procedure and had the different designs from their own range pre-certified for numerous orthopaedic changes.

In addition they also rely on their work with renowned orthopaedic shoe specialists in order to guarantee the Stabilus customer personal on-site support. They have the following partners in Germany:




The combination of tested Stabilus safety shoes and certified insoles/ certified shoe finishes completely ensures the health of the customer, and means that in case of emergency they retain full insurance protection.