Safety shoes – opposites attract


Young yet experienced.

Fast but rigorous.

Do you think that these characteristics are irreconcilable?
We think they are the ideal combination and we know how satisfied our customers are.

Innovations are just an everyday part of our product development processes, but we do not blindly accept new and untested materials or simply follow the latest trends in manufacturing. We keep our finger on the pulse within the sector and check the latest innovations to ensure they are efficient and are compatible with our product philosophy. Our fundamental principle is always improving what our clients like and what has been proven effective, not simply replacing them – we call it ‘continuous flexibility’.

Our company was founded 90 years ago. The way we work is based on decades of experience and advancements in the field of shoemaking and safety footwear. At the same time, we are also a young and dynamic team who are passionate about our products and love taking new directions – why not join us?

Just-in-time’ should not mean ‘just in the nick of time’ but rather: ‘right on time’. This is why we always aim to ship within two days, no matter where in the world our products are needed. But when it comes to advice and finding the right safety footwear for you – we have all the time in the world! Our returns rate of less than 1% speaks for itself.

S as for Stabilus service

The word ‘service’ is thrown around a lot nowadays, but we never lose sight of the most essential part: the complete satisfaction of our customers:

  • Reliable quality at fair prices
  • Individual offers in line with customers’ needs
  • Personal, hands-on support for customers
  • Ongoing quality management (QM)

And who is the most important member of the QM team? It is YOU – our goal is always to incorporate your suggestions and requests into our product development procedures. We also work closely with dealers and shoe technicians from the fields of orthopaedics and industry – optimal safety footwear is always the result of collaboration and sharing outstanding skills.

We are at your service. – When shall we get to know each other a little better?