What means conformity according to PPE-regulation 2016-245?

Since April 21st 2018 the PPE-regulation 2016-425 is in power and replaces the herteofore valid PPE-guidelines. A transition period applies until April 20th 2019. Thereafter, manufacturers and retailers may only put PPE-products into market, which apply to the PPE-regulation 2016-425.

But what does conformity mean in this sense? Principally, products have to accord to the regulations. The following aspects have to be concidered:

  • labeling requierements: products have to display all necessary information, e.g. the address oft he manufacturer
  • the declaration of conformity must exist and have to be accessible
  • product descriptions need to contain all relevant information
  • PPE-products of category II (mid.level risks) and of categoy III (high risks) are based on the EU examination certificate according to appendix V oft he PPE-regulation
  • appendix VII and VIII apply to PPE-products of category III

PPE-regulation 2016-425 definies the duties of manufacturers and retailers in detail. Clicking on the following link will open a website, which contains the valid text of the PPE-regulation 2016-425, provided by Publication Office of the European Union (Date: May 17th 2018):

Go to PPE-regulation 2016-425

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