NEW GENERATION Sicherheitsschuhe


“Learning means remembering information that has lived in the soul of man for generations.”– “Each generation should leave the company stronger than it found it.” Almost 2,500 years separate these two quotes, yet Socrates and former McKinsey corporate consultant Jürgen Kluge are describing the same principle: a new generation of products must carry forward tried and tested aspects from the past and combine them with innovative ideas.



This line of long-standing company Stabilus Safety is being called a “NEW GENERATION”: lighter, sleeker and more individual – but as secure as Stabilus products have always been – they combine fresh character with established virtues. An innovative material combination comprising textiles and leather doesn’t just reduce the weight but also allows extremely good breathability. On the one hand, the special sport profile outsole made of PU/TPU allows the foot to turn and roll forward from heel to toe more easily. And on the other hand, it provides the wearer with efficient protection against twisting their ankle and slipping. The distinctive profile is particularly well suited to work on hard floors, but is also perfect for working on other surfaces. The raised sole creates additional toe protection.

Of course, optimum heel and forefoot cushioning is also a given for this NEW GENERATION. And because wearers’ jobs often involve acting swiftly, several models are equipped with the convenient quick-lacing system, although normal laces are provided as an alternative in every box.