Intelligent, chic, multi-purpose … and tough … the ACTIVELINE is the result of consistent on-going development of the Stabilus model range. Intelligence is at the heart of this development. The latest market research results aimed at specific groups of people are combined with over 90 years of experience gained in safety shoe production.

The main part is played by the user’s foot, with its individual requirements. A large Vibratec cushioning element provides an incredibly soft tread over the whole heel and mid-foot area in all sizes. High impacts are reduced to a minimum by a special soft midsole. The localised pressure of the heel bone is distributed over the whole surface of the heel and therefore reduced.

The result is the ACTIVELINE adapts to the wearer’s foot, perfectly distributes the impact pressure over the whole sole and specifically cushions the stress of walking and standing. The ideal foot bed protects both the joints and the spinal discs, and takes the pressure off the spine.

The result is that walking and standing on hard ground or for long distances – the ideal field of application for this shoe range – is made significantly more pleasant, healthier and effortless with ACTIVELINE. Thanks to its special construction from hard-wearing upper materials, breathable leather and functional textiles, the ACTIVELINE range is lightweight and intelligent. The large TPU area on the sole with a profile depth of 3.8 mm effectively prevents slipping.