AdvisorTool and DataFactory

Identifying the right safety shoes via just three clicks of the mouse

The AdvisorTool provides smart sales support to successful retailers as well as offering useful information to end customers. Items required can be selected via a few clicks of the mouse, thus making it possible to provide rapid and targeted product advice.

One clear benefit is the ability to save time when seeking to identify the right safety footwear. The relevant search can be conducted independently and efficiently regardless of location without any need for detailed prior knowledge.


Quicker and more targeted customer advice without any requirement for deep product knowledge

  • Targeted product search on the basis of characteristics specific to the product group
  • Direct comparison of safety shoe characteristics
  • Contemporary and modern representation of our safety shoes
  • The “responsive design” feature of the AdvisorTool enables optimum representation on various end devices (e.g. tablets, mobile phones)
  • Reduction in the extensive training that needs to be provided to staff or resellers
  • The AdvisorTool is capable of integration into an existing website

Click here for the advisor tool and our product overview