JOGGER safety shoes


Work and sport present very similar challenges: in order to reach your set target you have to be fit enough and have the right tools. Having the right shoe is the basis for success for runners. With the safety shoe range JOGGER Stabilus has mastered the challenge of transferring the qualities of a good running shoe onto a safety shoe.

As with all Stabilus ranges, the JOGGER stands out with its carefully thought-out combination of very high-quality materials. The shoe is made from breathable high-tech textiles and is fitted with a special insole. The JOGGER combines the optimum protective effect of a safety shoe with the comfortable flexibility of a running shoe. The wearer’s foot is however perfectly stabilised.

The highlight of the JOGGER is also its foundation: an exceptional Vibram sole. With the development of an extremely non-slip and abrasion-proof rubber sole the Italian mountaineer Vitale Bramani revolutionised first the climbing shoe industry and then later, sports shoes. Famous names like Goodyear and Pirelli are intrinsically linked with the development of the Vibram sole.

For some time the Stabilus name is also be linked with it, as they have had the opportunity of being the first safety shoe manufacturer in Germany to fit a range of shoes using the sought-after Vibram sole with ESD. The high front means that the Vibram sole of the JOGGER creates a healthy flexing action.

The result is that with the JOGGER the wearer can take any job as a sporting challenge – and can at the same time still enjoy the fashionable youthful appearance of this lightweight safety shoe.

Each Vibram® sole has been designed to offer maximum performance, comfort and durability to even the most demanding user. With over 60 years experience Vibram® products are undergoes rugged tests and stringent controls. Vibram® soles make the best hoes to wear.